To all doggiehouseless pooches out there, (IT"S OKE IF YOU ARE A DIFFERENT SPECIES TOO) Let me start by introducing myself. I am Winston, and am a English bulldog. Now i happen to know that my owner would do anything for me, all it takes for me is. . .. . . to be me. . .. . .simple right.She made me my OWN EUROPEAN STYLE INDOOR DOGGIEHOUSE, that I dont want to give up since I like to retreat in there with a snack if the rest of the house is too stressy for me. I got so many good reviews from my friends & family that my bosss decided to put them out there for sale. . .. . .. CUSTOM MADE. . .. . . I have my name on the front, although would like a different pillow (polka dots are too girly) , plus I happen to be very loyal to England, so I asked my owner if I could wave my flag. . ..and of course with a face like mine. . ..nobody can say no. Anyhow check out my pics and if you like what you see (Tip. . extra cute to your owner, hey it works for me if I want something).So go ahead and give her a call ?813-335-, oh her name is Fathima, and tell her your species, size, color preference etc, nothing is too much for her. Hope to hear from you pooches out there soon.Oh, prices start at $79.00, not bad for a single doggie home. . .. . .WOOF WAFWOOFWOOF,FROM WINSTONWINSTON